Lena’s 2014 Reading Statistics

or “Ha, of course I did not blog for two years after we created this blog“

I always start my year out with the goal (and Goodreads challenge) to read at least 50 books and bump up the book count on Goodreads if and when I surpass it.

So, in 2014 I read a total of 75 books (or what Goodreads counts as such). I will talk about my favourites later, now it is time for some fun and slightly messy statistics. I did not follow any particular goals in terms of genre, gender or race last year, but I know that I tend to pick books by female authors instinctively, and also I seem to read quite a lot of Young Adult novels, because they are easy and fun reads. My statistics might be a bit inconsistent in the genre area – some sub-genres I used, others I did not – but I hope they will still be interesting to look at. So, let’s get started.

In what format Lena read books in 2014

In what format Lena read books in 2014.

First of all, of the 75 “books“, 10 were actually short stories (those mini-stories between books), 6 were audiobooks, and 59 were book books. Keen as I was, I even counted how many of the books (and for this graph, short stories) were ebooks and how many were real (in the physical sense) books. I thank the library for supplying me with so many awesome novels.

I felt like in the second half of 2014 I graduated a bit from my YAs. I will have to compare these statistics to the ones I will totally make in 2015 *cough* because the dominating genre in my reading still seems to be YA. If you are interested in which books I specifically read you can just go to my Goodreads 2014 reading challenge. I could of course have made a distinction in sub-genres for the YAs but putting those genre labels on things is quite hard, I realised, so I am abstaining from it. I did try for the non-YA things though, although there I faced the difficulty of not counting things doubly.

Which genres Lena read in 2014

Which genres Lena read in 2014.

So, know that technically I read 16 Classics, 6 of which were written after the year 1900 (let’s call them Modern), and 10 of which were written before 1900. But I decided to put Winnie the Pooh into the Children’s book section, and Dune and Ender’s Game into the Science-Fiction category, so only 13 books were counted towards “Classics“ on the graph. At the same time, I counted Marissa Meyer’s Cress towards the YA section and not Science-Fiction.

Fun fact: All of the non-fictitious and biographical books were audiobooks. I love listening to people tell their own life story, I discovered.

Author gender.

Author gender.

As I said, I seem to pick up more books written by women than by men. Especially in Classics, I find the novels by female writers a lot more relatable and the female characters more believable (shocking, I know). Also, in YA you find many female writers, so me reading a lot of YA does probably add to that count. I did not explicitly go out of my way to choose more books by male authors but it seems that a few snuck their way into my reading anyway, and I enjoyed most of those few books a lot. Note that I counted Robert Galbraith towards the women, because J.K. Rowling.

So, that’s my reading of 2014 in graphs. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have some statistics yourself I would be interested in hearing them!

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