My 2015 Reading Plans

2015 has rushed in and I wasn’t ready for it. I needed more tiiiime. Anyway, this year I am participating in the Goodreads reading challenge again. Like every year I plan to read 50 books, fewer if I read fewer, more if I read more. I don’t like to stress about numbers (I do anyway). I’d rather read as I want to and if I don’t want to read anything I don’t want to feel pressured by some number on the internet. Basically, I am a mood reader. Which is why I’m a bit anxious about some of my reading plans this year.

The Professor 1) First of all, what I want to do this year is: continue reading classics. I enjoy them, mostly. Dickens is a bit hard and boring to get through, but apart from that, yeah. I don’t have any specific novels or authors in mind, although I would like to read another book by Charlotte Brontë this year. It is probably going to be either Vilette or The Professor. I have read all novels by the other Brontë sisters (yes, all mighty 3 of them), and Jane Eyre, so I have some of Charlotte’s works left, and I am looking forward to it (although I wish Anne Brontë had written more because I LOVE HER! Surprisingly, as she is the least known. Go read her books. Now.).
Animal FarmAlso, I have North and South as well as Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell coated in dust on my shelf. I would like to read at least one of those two novels. Animal Farm by George Orwell has been waiting to be read for quite some time, as well. And maybe I’ll even tackle another Dickens. But apart from that I have very vague wishes in this department.

2) Another prominent goal, and here my anxiety begins, has become to LOWER DAT TBR (= to-be-read pile). As a New Year’s task, I created a new shelf on Goodreads where I put all the unread books on my kindle and my shelves and let’s just say, I blame Amazon with their pretty prices and their ebooks. I’m constantly buying new books because I’ve heard good things about them, because they sound good, or because I was planning on reading them some time, “books for later”, but when later comes I have already bought a bazillion more books “for later”, so the unflattering (although it could, of course, be worse) number of unread books is currently at around 131 books (I say around because I cheated and excluded some books that I don’t ever see myself reading).

3) Naturally, this makes one of my goals to buy fewer books, especially ebooks because they are actually the problem. I am not as bad with real (in the physical sense) books, and with reducing that number. So, I want to get that number down, be it by reading the books, starting them and deciding I will never finish them (I’m bad with that so it probably won’t happen), or by selling the real ones I will never read.

4) Lastly, I like the idea of reading more diversely, so I joined the Continent Read-a-thon on Goodreads. If you want or need an incentive to read more diversely, or to just read some things that not many people might know of, or if you want to increase the diversity in the book world, join. Every second month we will read only books (or in my watered down version, mostly, because remember, I’m a mood reader) from one certain continent (you can find the list in the group info!). We will start in February with Africa and I have already looked up some books that tickle my fancy for this (not being at all counterproductive to my buying fewer books point, no no, what no, what can I do if I don’t have unread books from African authors?!)

Tl;dr I want to read classics, lower my tbr, buy fewer books and read more diversely

What are your reading plans for 2015, or are you completely winging it (I’ll probably do that after failing at everything, but one can dream)? Anyway, good luck to us!

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4 thoughts on “My 2015 Reading Plans

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  2. (yeah, it’s already March, I know…) I plan to read the piles of books stacked around in my room. Probably around 20. I tend to by e-books aswell because I’m not in the mood for the books in my pile, but I hope to read them this year. And then divulge in buying new books that I’ll only read years later 😀

    • Sounds like me xD I was good with not buying books the first two months of 2015 but now all hell is loose (ok, it’s not that bad but there are new books and aaah)

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