Book Review: The Dragonsitter by Josh Lacey

The Dragonsitter The Dragonsitter
Lena’s rating: 4 of 5 stars
Published: May 2012
Copy: Library

Edward’s only slightly unreliable Uncle Morton has gone on holiday and Edward, his mother and his sister have to watch after his dragon and, inexplicably, things don’t go too well. Looking after a dragon is not that easy as it turns out! And Uncle Morton isn’t helping by not answering any of Edward’s mails. It all wouldn’t be so bad if the dragon stopped ravaging the kitchen cabinets and fridge. And curtains. And the carpet. And the neighbour’s cats?

This book was hilarious. The Dragonsitter consists of emails between Edward and his Uncle Morton (if he would answer), in which the goodhearted Edward is reporting on the dragon, and what he has done wrong this time. While chaos breaks out around him and his mother is near a nervous dragon-induced breakdown, Edward still remains polite and believes in the good of everyone around him and that his uncle might just have trouble getting to a computer and that his family is just misunderstanding the majorly misbehaving dragon.

I loved the illustrations by Garry Parsons. In the paperback version they come in black and white, I don’t know if there are coloured versions around. I find it hard to describe styles, but I would put this one more into the cartoony corner. The style definitely fits the story and the characters in that it is enjoyable, held simple and not overloaded with detail. The dragon occasionally really reminded me of a cat and I just loved that.

The author Josh Lacey also goes by the name Joshua Doder. It was so much fun to read about the misadventures of the dragon. This book series would be suited for children under 10, I think, but would be equally as amusing to adults.

The Dragonsitter

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