Book Review: The Dragonsitter Takes Off by Josh Lacey

Image from Andersen Press.

Image from Andersen Press.

The Dragonsitter Takes Off
Lena’s rating: 4 of 5 stars
Published: May 2013
Copy: Library

In The Dragonsitter Takes Off, the second book in the Dragonsitter series (review of the first book), Uncle Morton is on holiday again and Edward and his family look after Ziggy, the dragon, for him. Or they would, if Ziggy didn’t vanish on the first day. When the dragon is found an even bigger surprise awaits.

Like in the first book, we get to read Edward’s and Uncle Morton’s emails as things don’t go as planned while Uncle Morton is – yet again – conveniently away. This one neatly continues the hilariousness the first book started and made me cackle over new jokes. Somehow the author understands it to add humour for adults to the story with Edward’s innocent remarks (female solidarity, anyone?) and I enjoyed that a lot. But – visible probably only to the adult – the hardships of divorce also begin to shine through in Edward’s mother. Edward’s goodheartedness is once again endearingly funny and it was lovely to see how the dragon felt a bit more like family for the characters this time.

The second book is beautifully illustrated by Garry Parsons again. The publisher recommends the Dragonsitter series for children of seven years and up, but obviously it’s just as enjoyable for adults.

The Dragonsitter Takes Off

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