Book Review: The Giggler Treatment by Roddy Doyle

The Giggler Treatment
The Giggler Treatment
Lena’s rating: 3 of 5 stars
Published: October 2013
Copy: Library

This is a book about a man, who is about to step into poop – but will he or won’t he? You know how adults step into dog poo? That is the Giggler Treatment. The Gigglers punish adults who are mean to kids, and they like to use the dog Rover’s poop to do so (because it’s the best poop around, if you were wondering).

Of course I liked this book. It’s about poop – one of my favourite topics (much to the delight, I’m sure, of the people around me)! But it isn’t one of my favourite children’s books. Sure, it was amusing (because of the poop – I’m trying to see how often I can fit that word into one review if you haven’t noticed yet) and had it’s heartwarming moments. What bored me a bit after some time were the space-filler chapters. And this book had many of those, where the authors completely or partially deviated from the plot and began to shamelessly ramble on about unrelated topics. They were fun at first, but after a while I just felt like he was making a fool of me. I don’t know how children would like them, maybe I’m just a weenie adult who can’t take a joke. And the Giggler Treatment would have been a wonderful concept to explore further, so I’m a bit disappointed that didn’t happen.

Overall, a fun idea, children will love the poop talk, but not the most perfectest book in the world (I take linguistics classes, I’m allowed to do that to words).

The Giggler Treatment

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