Mini Review: Seraphina – The Audition (#0.5) by Rachel Hartman

Seraphina: The Audition
Lena’s rating: 4 of 5 stars
Published: June 2012
Copy: Free on Scribd

In this prequel, Seraphina auditions for the position as music assistant and tutor at court that she holds in Seraphina (#1). You get to see how her relationship with Princess Glisselda, crucial to book #1, is formed and takes its first steps. You also get more uncle-niece interactions between Orma and Seraphina, this time without impending doom hanging over their heads, highlighting Orma’s odd behaviour in a quirky way.

The tone in this short story is much less sinister than Seraphina, more lighthearted and fun owing to the plot and I enjoyed that very much. The writing is perfectly polished, I find, another step up from the first novel, which was already good. Getting to know more about the relationships before Seraphina was a wonderful addition to this world and one that I definitely recommend, even if you were only meh about book #1.

I think you could read this before book #1 (actually, that’s how the publication order seems to be: #0.5, #1, #2). And if you want to get an insight into what kind of a character Seraphina is and her relationships with some important people for book #1, this is a quick way to start. You will get a general idea what might be ahead of you (but don’t get the wrong idea, the actual book is darker and more serious than this).

You can read this prequel for free here on Scribd.

Did you know this wonderful prequel existed? How did you like it?

Seraphina: The Audition (Seraphina, #0.5)

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