February Wrap-up

I didn’t read very much this month. I am in this limbo that occurs everytime one procrastinates on important things, so one doesn’t allow oneself to read books but instead surfs the internet the whole day. Yes, that one. Also, that huge chunk of Americanah took me a while to finish. For me, it wasn’t a very easy book although the writing style flowed wonderfully, but what the characters had to go through needed some time to sink in, so I took week-long breaks in between. Nevertheless, it is a very good and important book.

I started reading The Two Towers by J.R.R. Tolkien and I discovered that I can read the second book much faster than the first one. But I took a break when I reached “Book Four” to finish Americanah and then who knows what happened (probably the internet ;P). I also started a new Young Adult series (Anomaly (Schrodinger’s Consortium #1) by Tonya Kuper), because after Americanah I needed something that was easily digestible. So far it’s fun and not hitting up any of my newly developed YA pet peeves.

So, here are the books I finished. Links lead to reviews.

february wrap up books

With that my TBR is at 131 books (started 2015 with 142). I have several new books on my TBR, not least thanks to my birthday, and I won’t complain hehe.

To see all posts I wrote this month click here.

How was your February? Are you feeling the winter blues? Frozen off your fingers while trying to read outside?

Stay inky!- Lena


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