The Silence of the Term Papers

It has been awfully quiet on the blog this month. No, my blogger is not already hibernating again (although that would be a reasonable assumption considering past experiences), but she is DUN DUNNNN term papering *cue the Imperial March*

Kill me now.

Kill me now.

After deciding to switch topics at the end of February, the paper I am currently writing is about William Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew. And actually, my research has been really interesting, but the writing part has become less fun since I’ve started to accept nothing less than PERFECTION from my papers (you might notice I don’t have that expectation for the blog. This is my playground~).

So you might understand that I show signs of mild panic when I tell you that I have to start, write and finish a Corpus Linguistics paper until the end of March as well. And I have not started yet because Shakespeare has sucked a lot of time, so then I went ahead I had several mini breakdowns where I just sat on the couch all day doing nothing. Haha… OTL (Apart from too little time I am actually really looking forward to that topic as well *waves Harry Potter flags*)

Apart from the mental freakouts term papering this semester, thanks to awesome topics, has actually been fun for a change. So wish me luck and let’s hope I finally get these things out of the way! I am really looking forward to April when the blogging with commence once again. We actually have some fun things in store *jumps around* I hope to see you then!

Stay inky! – Lena


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