Lena’s 2015 Reading Statistics

Me every year: “I could be a blogger.” A few weeks later: “Or not.”

2015 wasn’t the lucky exception. But hey, no shame in creeping back to this blog after about ten months of silence, right? Because I actually do want to look at my reading statistics of 2015 and those are always fun, aren’t they? I don’t want to deprive the internet of my shiny colour blocks. But apart from a few posts, that will probably be it for me and blogging this year, at least until I graduate (the Gods know when that will be. I was supposed to do that 1 1/2 years ago but here I am, well isn’t that lovely).

As last year, these are as perfect as they can be, which is not a lot. Determining one single genre: still hard. I added a category for Continent because I wanted to read more diversely (do your ears bleed yet when you hear this?). So, in this category I sorted the authors by birthplace, which does not at all resemble what the authors might identify with, so disclaimer: These are probably total crap.


In what format Lena read books in 2015.

I tried to work on my TBR as one of my reading goals for 2015 and I think I did ok on that (but failed miserably but without regret at my other lists). After discovering a book here and there after my initial post I started with about 140-150 unread books of which I read about 40-50. Almost 1/3 of a huge pile is not so bad, I’d say!

The biggest difference to last year is a massive relapse into my old manga reading habits. I actually regret having sold so much of my collection back when I went to university because I would have loved to browse back through those volumes now.


Which genres Lena read in 2015.

Also, I sat down in the library with a bunch of children’s books (those with a lot of pictures in them of course, harr). That’s how that spike in the children’s category happened. I also fell back in love with crime fiction. Some day, I want to read through all the Agatha Christie’s, but for now I’m working on the Miss Marple’s.

Regarding the continents, a lot of Asia can be attributed to manga, so Japan in this case. North America is most of my YAs, but seriously, what’s up with Europe? Most of my classics and children’s books were by authors from Europe (and there mainly the UK) but wow. I always thought the US would take the lot.


Continents the authors were from. Presumably.

I also read my first (as far as I can remember) novels by African authors in the course of the continent read-a-thon and uni and wow, there were some mindblowing books there. I definitely want to read more by the authors I found and still have some things on my list that still interest me. Absolute recommendation: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (I know, it should have been obvious from the beginning) and The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives by Lola Shoneyin. Seriously. Read them.

I also stepped half a foot onto South American terrain and didn’t get nearly as much read there as I wanted to, but what I read was awesome and I will also try to get some more of those books into my reading 2016. Same with Oceania, although the itching (sounds unhealthy) isn’t as strong as with Africa and South America.

Overall, that bloody reading more diversely thing was wonderful, enriching but it also sucked, because now I have an endless list of authors I want to read and I will die before I get to all of the books my brain is having grabby hands for now. 10/10, do recommend.


Author gender.

And ooh look there. I actually read a few more books written by men than last year. A whole 2%. I blame the manga again.

So yeah, I read about 118 books in 2015. Which would be insane if it weren’t for all those picture books and manga. To be honest, I don’t want to read this much next year. But I hope to talk about my reading goals in my next post (who knows if that will ever happen).

How did your year go? Did you reach your reading goals? Did you buy too many books (I actually didn’t). Did you conquer the TBR? Tell me in the comments!


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