A required reading filled #FridayReads…

Haven’t done one of these in a while although I actually quite like them. It’s Friday and this means: time for reading! In my case, I am swarmed with books for university, although I probably feel like that because I’m having difficulty concentrating at the moment x__x Continue reading


Top 5 Wednesday: Best Character Arcs/Development

Beware, Lena has decided to try this book meme thing once more, because the ideas for this one just kept flowing and aaaaahrg brain stahp. This week, as you can see, is all about the character arcs and development. Continue reading

5 Classics I Want To Read in 2015

Several classics have gathered on my shelves (and Kindle, mainly) over the years and the more I read, the more new ones I find that I want to read. But while I shovel them all on my Kindle (because they are freeee), there are few that I am as intent on to read as these. These are the classics I want to get to soon. Continue reading

3 Favourite Books I Read in 2014

I loved quite a few of the books I read in 2014, but I will only name the three that have quickly become my all time favourites. You should read all of them, of course (no, really). All three were published before 2014, I am still trying to catch up with everything that happened before last year – a hopeless endeavour, unless someone invents a time machine and immortality. If someone did, please give me money so I can read all the books. Anyway, let’s get started. Continue reading