Lena’s Continent Read-a-thon Asia TBR

I’m a bit late but I have too many books by Asian authors on my TBR (surprise, Asian Studies graduate) to not participate in this month of the Continent Read-a-thon. I had a ton of fun in our first month so I am looking forward to the rest of the year! Continue reading


Lena’s #FridayReads (09 Jan 2015)

Project: Reduce TBR is in full swing (except I already failed and bought a short story/essay, but I plan to read that next month so shush YOU HEARD NOTHING) Continue reading

My 2015 Reading Plans

2015 has rushed in and I wasn’t ready for it. I needed more tiiiime. Anyway, this year I am participating in the Goodreads reading challenge again. Like every year I plan to read 50 books, fewer if I read fewer, more if I read more. I don’t like to stress about numbers (I do anyway). I’d rather read as I want to and if I don’t want to read anything I don’t want to feel pressured by some number on the internet. Basically, I am a mood reader. Which is why I’m a bit anxious about some of my reading plans this year. Continue reading