Book Review: Winnie Goes Wild! by Laura Owen and Korky Paul

Winnie Goes Wild!. by Laura Owen
Winnie Goes Wild!. by Laura Owen

Lena’s rating: 2.5 of 5 stars
Published: March 2013
Copy: Library

In Winnie Goes Wild! Winnie the Witch (who unlike Hermione is not the brightest witch of her age) tries to be a detective, does everything different for a day, wants to drink hot chocolate on a cold freezing day where the moths have eaten all her woollies, and goes lost in the jungle on her way to her sister Wendy’s exotic party. And as always she is accompanied everywhere by her black cat Wilbur.

When I was young my parents enforced a solid witch-disapproving policy that apparently still bears fruit in me today. I loved the fine-line illustrations by Korky Paul. There was so much to be seen and discovered in each picture. The illustrations were simply hilarious, stubbly legs, thoroughly chaotic magical room design and what not, and sure fit floopy Winnie and her much more together cat Wilbur.

Winnie the Witch as a character on the other hand was not as bright as I would have preferred. I know it’s not uncommon in children’s stories to have dimwitted characters as our hero/heroine and while I can see a certain appeal in them, as an adult these characters excite nothing but a thorough eye-roll. The challenge for me in these books does not lie in keeping up with our hero/heroine and being excited by what they are experiencing but with keeping my patience with them, a valuable lessons as well of course, but I prefer the first one. While these four short stories might certainly be amusing to a child the first time around, the second time around will of course hold much fewer surprises, but I think also much less appeal (but better don’t let this 27-year old adult-child be the judge of that. Ask a child instead).

So yes, unfortunately this book did not strike my fancy, although I am sure differently shaped readers will appreciate Winnie’s world. The illustrations are perfect and a lot of fun and I would gladly look at more of those. Unfortunately, Winnie as a character and the stories did not entice me enough to want to pick up other Winnie books, but if you like Winnie there is a wonderful large collection of picture books and little novels out there! So if your parents did not shape you to be a witch-disapproving bitter young woman and you don’t mind knowing what’s up ten pages before Winnie does then check these books out. I think they could be a lot of fun!

Winnie Goes Wild!. by Laura Owen

Stay inky! –Lena


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