Favourite German Books (Part #1): Classics – E.T.A. Hoffmann

Or: Lena Fangirls About A Dead White Man

E.T.A. Hoffmann books 1Sorry this is late =__=” Choosing the month with all the term paper deadlines for extensive blogging projects might not have been the best idea. So SORRY! SPORADIC BLOGGING AHEAD IN MARCH! I will still try to get out as many posts as I can manage (although I should probably focus on my papers). Anyway, let me tell you about this dead white guy. Continue reading


Favourite German Books – Part #0.5 : Why I Read Books in English

German books 2Recently I have started to read more German fiction again – only a bit – but that inspired me to blog about my favourite German books. But then I sat down, motivated to do one blogpost about this and it quickly exploded into five posts so whoops. This week will only be a preliminary ramble about why I actually read so much in English. The posts that actually contain books will come on Sundays in March.

I am actually German. I hope that’s not too obvious by my English *flails* Nevertheless, most of the books I read I read in English. This hasn’t always been the case, of course. In school I read everything in German, unless it was for English class and even then, I’m pretty sure that for homework I preferred the German translation of Hamlet in the bilingual edition we read in my English class. It just saved a lot of time, sorry, Ms Schulz. But when I started university and met the boyfriend who had been reading English books for forever (perspective of a 20 year-old talking here) I got interested and started to read English fiction in English. Continue reading