Lena’s January Wrap-Up

Unintentionally, my month was a bit dragon themed. I like that.
After having to correct the number of books on my TBR several times, I started my year with 142 unread books on my shelves and kindle – contrary to what I stated in my 2015 Reading Plans on 04 Jan. As of 31 Jan my TBR is: 136 books (yay for so far reading faster than I am buying books xD). Continue reading


Book Review: Agnes Grey by Anne Brontë

Agnes Grey Agnes Grey
Lena’s rating: 5 of 5 stars
Published: 1847
Copy: Bought

Agnes Grey is about a young lady who takes a post as governess to help her financially struggling family. But her occupation turns out to be far from the idyllic ideal Agnes had imagined: the children are unruly and the parents are not allowing her to discipline their children, but also don’t do it themselves. Agnes struggles as she is confronted with a lack of morals in these higher classes, that is so very foreign to her own nature. Continue reading

8 Series I Want To Start in 2015

Last week, I looked at all the unfinished series I want to finish in 2015. This week, I look at all the series I haven’t started yet, but totally own – as always, I blame Amazon and all you lovely book reviewers for tempting my purse. I will spare you the extent of my shiny collection (ok, 29), because it is vast enough to give me nightmares. Instead, let me tell you about the eight series that I wish to start this year. Continue reading

Book Review: The Dragonsitter by Josh Lacey

The Dragonsitter The Dragonsitter
Lena’s rating: 4 of 5 stars
Published: May 2012
Copy: Library

Edward’s only slightly unreliable Uncle Morton has gone on holiday and Edward, his mother and his sister have to watch after his dragon and, inexplicably, things don’t go too well. Looking after a dragon is not that easy as it turns out! And Uncle Morton isn’t helping by not answering any of Edward’s mails. It all wouldn’t be so bad if the dragon stopped ravaging the kitchen cabinets and fridge. And curtains. And the carpet. And the neighbour’s cats? Continue reading

Book Review: Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson

Since You've Been Gone Since You’ve Been Gone
Lena’s rating: 3.5 of 5 stars
Published: May 2014
Copy: Bought

Emily and Sloane have been inseparable since Sloane moved to this town and they became friends. The outgoing Sloane was the shy Emily’s gate to the world and Emily couldn’t imagine a day without her best friend. But then, what was to be the best summer of their lives begins and Sloane is gone, she can’t be reached on her mobile and the only thing she left is a thirteen-point to-do-list for Emily. Desperate, Emily starts working on the list in the hope that it will lead her to her friend. Apple-picking at night: check, but kissing a stranger or even skinny-dipping? Not included in Emily’s comfort zone. Continue reading

10 Series I Want To Finish in 2015

Anyone else have an unfinished series induced tbr legacy? I have been going through my unfinished series and sequels that are gathering dust on my tbr-mountain-of-doom recently. I picked out the ten series that I will attempt to finish this year, although I would love to finish an eleventh (the Legend trilogy by Marie Lu, to which I and the library unfortunately do not own any sequels). I feel like I am either miles behind in my reading (I mean, Delirium and Uglies for example are pretty old news) or right up to speed (or ahead muahaha, see the Silver trilogy by Kerstin Gier), no middle ground there. Oh well. MAY OUR TBRS SHRINK! Continue reading

Lena’s FridayReads (16 Jan 2015)

The Roaring Girl and Other City Comedies I will be reading another book for university this weekend – Roaring Girl by Thomas Dekker. This will be my last book for uni (or so I think. The last time I thought so I took another class the following semester. Oups.). Continue reading