Lena’s 2015 Reading Statistics

Me every year: “I could be a blogger.” A few weeks later: “Or not.”

2015 wasn’t the lucky exception. But hey, no shame in creeping back to this blog after about ten months of silence, right? Because I actually do want to look at my reading statistics of 2015 and those are always fun, aren’t they? I don’t want to deprive the internet of my shiny colour blocks. Continue reading


Lena’s 2014 Reading Statistics

or “Ha, of course I did not blog for two years after we created this blog“

I always start my year out with the goal (and Goodreads challenge) to read at least 50 books and bump up the book count on Goodreads if and when I surpass it.

So, in 2014 I read a total of 75 books (or what Goodreads counts as such). I will talk about my favourites later, now it is time for some fun and slightly messy statistics. Continue reading